Hey there!

My name is Castor! I just want to start off by saying that I really don’t expect anyone to read this blog, but I thought I’d make it to kill some free time and possibly help some people with their tech problems. Basically, this blog is going to be a bunch of tutorials, reviews, problem fixes or general ranting about the technical things I come across. Most likely, there will be lots of how-to’s and tutorials that have helped me along my path to deciphering the shit-storm of general modern day computing.

There will also be plenty of reviews and ranting about open-source software, as it’s the bulk of my software library. Though my verbal conduct might not always meet the satisfaction of a PG rating, I’ll try to be as civil as I can. If I offend anyone, I assure you it’s not my intention and I apologize to all in advance. To be completely transparent as well, I’m no tech genius, I’m not an IT professional and I’ll never claim to be. I’m a regular guy that tinkers with computers in his spare time. But again, this blog is more about reposting things that helped me along my way and stating how wicked some of the things out there are.

I’m a big follower of Linux, following suit with my open-source computing lifestyle, but I also play with Fedora, Windows and Mac OSX quite a bit. I also use a Raspberry Pi and will probably post plenty about that as well. So there should be something for everyone on here once I get rolling. Any open-source software that I mention or is relevant to posts will have a linked download from the original site at the end of the post, as well as a link to the site itself. I don’t really deal in much paid software, if any at all, so anything I link falls under the GNU license and I’m in no way responsible for any wrong doing or illegal activity you may be partaking in.

I will never post anything that is stolen or paid software that has been altered to make it free. If you want the source code for any of the software I post about, it’ll most likely be somewhere on the original site of that software, if the writer has permitted.


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